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90’s Fashion is back??

Grunge fashion became popular along with grunge rock early in the 1990s. Seattle, Washington, is where the grunge movement started. Rock bands like Pearl Jam and Nirvana were the forerunners of the grunge rock movement.

Today you can see how this era of fashion inspires everyone from mary kate olsen to jared leto. This era of fashion will never be forgotton.


How to dress grunge-style

1.  Dark colors. Grunge is all about black and grey.
2.  Jeans. Stone-washed, worn-out, ripped and dark jeans.
3.  Flannel shirts.
4.  Big shoes- Think Chuck Taylors or Doc Martens. Combat boots are a MUST for any grunge look.
5. Big and baggy t-shirts
6. Messy hair.

The grunge look is all about looking unkempt, thus resembling a street urchin. Therefore, wear tops and bottoms that are not matching. Your clothes should look as if they were bought at a thrift store. Not surprisingly, the grunge look does not cost much money, so you can look stylish on a budget.




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